Level 1: Wombspace Workshop

There is no pre-requisite to attend. Wombspace is all about reclaiming connection and caring for your own wombspace. You can do this workshop as a stand alone course for self healing, or use it as a starting point for going on to practitioner training.

It is a practical and experiential workshop, with loads of ideas to help you heal yourself physically and emotionally. We start with a guided visualisation to connect you to your wombspace, followed by information on wombspace health, diet and lifestyle. You will learn how to do womb wrapping, castor oil packs, yoni steaming and an easy self massage – your health literally in your own hands.

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Level 2: Mizan Practitioner training 

Level 1 is a pre-requisite. There is some online theory, which is reading and viewing before attending the week of practical training. We practice on each other, so it’s a week of giving and receiving massages. You will leave feeling nourished and loved.

Mizan training is much more than learning massage techniques. Our aim is to build a sisterhood of womb healers, and are doing so very successfully with a diversity of religions, beliefs, nationalities that we are proud of. We arrive at the course as strangers and part as family.

On successful completion of Mizan Practitioner training you will be fully qualified to perform Mizan on yourself and others.

Your training fees include a year’s membership of the Mizan Foundation, formed to keep standards high to protect practitioners and clients. Membership gives you access to our practitioner Facebook group, free mentoring, discounted courses, practitioner prices for Mizan Botanical herbal products and lots more. It also gives you rights to use the Mizan logo.

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Level 3: Mizan Advanced training

Level 2 is a pre-requisite. There is no obligation to do further training, and many practitioners are happy to stick with Level 2. But for those who want a deeper connection with Mizan and the sisterhood, not to mention a few extra techniques then you are welcome to apply for Advanced training.

You will need to have a minimum of 39 case studies to attend. It’s surprising how many bad habits are picked up and advanced training gives us a chance to rectify this and refine your techniques. Mizan is organic and evolves over time, and this is the course where you will keep up to date with the latest developments.

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